Who doesn’t want natural lashes that amaze - with real length, vibrant colour, and spectacular density? It is now possible! A month is enough to get the makeover you always wanted. Be prepared to seduce and provoke with your luscious lashes. The unique formula based on top-quality ingredients is what really packs a punch, and gives you lavish eyelashes.

Why Nanolash?

  • It’s ophthalmologist-tested and clinically proven.
  • It’s been shown to strengthen and lengthen lashes after only four weeks of usage.
  • We’ve received top ratings from satisfied customers all over the world.
  • It is by far the best solution for sensitive eyes
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Thanks to the latest technology, and years of clinical and dermatological tests, Nanolash becomes reality. The unique Eyelash Serum can now take a well-earned place in every woman's makeup bag.

Only fifteen days of using the active serum will make a huge difference to your lashes, increasing their length, strength and thickness. Natural and safe serum ingredients result in your lashes not only being cared for on a daily basis, but they also grow thicker, denser and fuller in the long term.

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How does it work?

The precise brush makes the application both quick and simple. Make sure that the skin is make-up and eye cream-free. Apply the product exactly where the eyelashes meet the skin (waterline), just as you would with eyeliner. After a few seconds, the serum is absorbed and the reinforcing components are activated.

Serum components penetrate through your skin deep into the lash roots, and they work from there. Nourished hair bulbs produce strong, thick, and incredibly long lashes over a short period.

What’s more, Nanolash makes lashes appear darker, and provides them with a protective layer, resulting in lesser lash fallout or breakage. This method of lash stimulation is proven to be completely safe, and does not cause allergic reactions or skin irritation.


In our hands lies the eye health of women all around the world. While developing Nanolash, we made sure that each ingredient was safe, and does not cause allergies or irritation. We focused on 100% natural ingredients, guaranteeing amazing results and positively affecting the structure of the eyelashes.

The formula of Nanolash Serum was created in state of the art laboratories, and was subjected to detailed analysis. We realize that beauty must go hand in hand with health, and this is our motto. The formula has been developed and proven by independent institutes, to ensure that the product that we offer is reliable, and effective.

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The perfect choice for any lover of long lashes.

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Nesta, 24 Years Nesta, 24 Years

A friend convinced me to try Nanolash, as after a month of using the product she had thick and beautiful eyelashes. Application is simple, it has a pleasant scent and natural composition, and it does what it says. I recommend it!

Nesta, 24 Years
Rose, 37 Years Rose, 37 Years

My adventure with the Nanolash conditioner began shortly after previous chemotherapy. I wanted to have long, beautiful eyelashes – to look feminine again. For me, the most important was the hypoallergenic composition. I was afraid of irritation, but the result surpassed my expectations. My eyelashes are probably more beautiful than before the illness.

Rose, 37 Years
Charlotte 32, Manchester Charlotte 32, Manchester

I was very sceptical about all kinds of Lash Enhancers, until I saw my make-up artist’s lashes that I initially mistook for extensions. I followed her advice, and now I have amazingly long and dark lashes too. I do not have to wear tonnes of gluggy mascara, and I wear it only when I am on stage doing my stand-up. Nanolash has definitely unleashed my inner beauty!

Charlotte 25, Orange
Sophie 21, Kendall Sophie 21, Kendall

I was taken aback by the results that I’ve achieved with Nanolash Serum. I just couldn’t ask for more. My lashes are incredibly long and dense. I will definitely repurchase.

Sophie 21, Adelaide
Amy 27, Southampton Amy 27, Southampton

Nanolash is by far the best Eyelash Serum I’ve ever used! Best $99 I've ever spent! I use this in conjunction with L’Oréal mascara and it is AMAZING! I had super puny lashes- they were sparse & short. After using the Serum for 2 months, I can see a huge difference in my lashes length and thickness. I swapped my eyeglasses for lenses as my lashes were constantly hitting my glasses!

Amy 27, Cairns
Laura 42, Gillingham Laura 42, Gillingham

This product has brought my lashes back from the dead after the extensions disaster! I have been using this for four weeks now, and my lashes are thicker and longer than ever. Definitely worth the money and I will continue to repurchase to maintain the result.

Laura 42, St Peters
Mary 42, London Mary 42, London

I lost my lashes to chemo treatment and I decided to give Nanolash a try. I was looking for a heavy-duty treatment to get the lashes to grow back quickly, and within 10 weeks I was the owner of abundant lashes. This product is amazing and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have beautiful lashes!

Mary 42, Kalgoorlie
Emma 26, Kilmarnock Emma 26, Kilmarnock

My lashes have become noticeably longer and fuller to such an extent that they give me that “false lash” effect. I am absolutely loving it and I will certainly buy this again!


The effectiveness of Nanolash was confirmed by dozens of studies and testers’ opinions from all over the world, as well as positive reviews published in women’s magazines and professional literature.

  • safe and lash friendly formula
  • tests carried out by independent research institutes
  • unique, luxurious ingredients
  • does not change the colour of the iris
  • ophthalmologist tested
  • anti-inflammatory

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No side effects

This amazing look is just a few steps away. Applying Nanolash daily will ensure you are the centre of attention. There are no side effects, which is what makes the product so reliable and unique. It’s highly recommended to combat the hair loss associated with chemotherapy.

Thanks to Nanolash, lashes are longer, thicker, hydrated and amazing looking. The healthy formula is based on natural ingredients, and provides complete protection.

Nanolash product


How long does Nanolash last after opening?
Nanolash can be used for 12 months from opening.
What to do if the serum gets into the eye?
In case Nanolash accidentally gets into the eye, you are advised to rinse your eyes with plenty of lukewarm water. If irritation persists, contact your GP.
Who can use Nanolash Serum?
Nanolash was created for women but it also can be used by men. The serum is recommended for those who are: visually impaired, wearing contact lenses or eyelash extensions. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, and minors should not use this product.
Will using Nanolash a few times a day speed up my lash growth even further?
No, only using Nanolash according to the instructions guarantees the results.
What is Nanolash Serum made of?
The Serum formula has been based on top quality, specially selected ingredients that ensure optimal lash growth. As a result, eyelashes grow longer, stronger, and thicker. Nanolash contains Aqua, Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide, Euphrasia Officinalis Extract, Sodium Chloride, Alcohol Denat, and Benzalkonium Chloride.
My eyes are super sensitive. Do I have to give up Nanolash treatment?
Nanolash serum is very gentle and soothing to the eye skin area. People prone to allergy and those who are sensitive to chemical cosmetics can be assured that Nanolash does not cause any discomfort. Nanolash guarantees safety and results, while being kind to the skin. However, minors, breastfeeding and pregnant women, and those who are undergoing chemo/radiotherapy are discouraged from using Nanolash.
Can I place an order from overseas?
Yes, you can. The shipping cost and the expected delivery time depends on the country of delivery.
I forgot about my daily application. What should I do?
If you happen to forget about Nanolash application, you are advised to carry on with the treatment as usual and apply the serum the following evening. Remember that in order to get the best results, you need to use Nanolash systematically; otherwise, you will have to wait longer to see desired results.
How do I apply it?
Application is simple and easy, as it is similar to drawing a line with a regular eye-liner. Apply the product exactly where the eyelashes meet the skin, at the base of the upper and lower lash lines. Make sure that the skin is free of creams or makeup, and completely dry.
End of treatment - what's next?
When you achieve the desired length and thickness of lashes, do not stop using Nanolash. Your eyelashes will love you if you use the serum 2-3 times a week to provide them with deep hydration, and to maintain the effect.

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